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>> BLACKJACK is a rock band - London UK project and Hong Kong based - playing live gigs in Asia <<

HONG KONG 2022 Tour

BLACKJACK will be very soon on stage live in Hong Kong.
The band: Katniss Lau (singer), Adrian Lo (guitars), Kinki Wong (drums). Save Blackjack (bass, songwriter, manager)

HONG KONG 2020 - 2021 Tour

BLACKJACK has gigged with local session musicians in the best top venues and festivals in Hong Kong.
Just to remember a few, Rula, The Aftermath, Rio, PeelFresco, Rock Angel, Kwun Tong Summer Festival.
>> Special thanks for the tour and video collaboration to:
Rosa Choco (singer), Ashish Jerry Justin (guitars), Bono Lee (guitars), Skynex Yee (drums).

During the "PowerRock Tour", were filmed 2 videos:



LONDON UK 2019 Worldwide collaboration

The band has collaborated with several international artists
recording and writing some material and videos.
One of the videos, "ROCK AND BLOOD" was an under Covid-19
experiment under this open mind partnership.

All pictures by "Studio 21" Aaron Luk - Hong Kong

2020 - Hong Kong: “Blackjack” is the only band in the city playing original songs the ‘80s style hard rock/glam"
The band moved from London - United Kingdom (where his founder Save Blackjack has played bass for years in famous bands like INDYA and TANGO PIRATES) for the need to take new inspiration, mixing Asian culture with a western background and transforming own rock from a classic to a progressive and universally original form.

The story started in 1985, in a very dangerous place called "Bronx", close to Leghorn’s skid row bedside of town in Italy.
His founder Save Blackjack grow in a difficult environment, where his good values like friend, religion, family, ethic, moral, were difficult to be applied.
Out of the door, there was so much criminality, prostitution, drug: it was a fight every day.
That was the perfect mix for a rock band, where rock sound shouted out loud against these wrong values.

So, he started to write (playing the bass guitar also) several strong original glam rock songs helped from 2 “mate in crime”: Emil Bandera that will become soon the main guitarist of the famous band “DeathSS”, and Enzino EMS drummer with the ‘80s hard rock style in his DNA.
Very soon the spirit of the band attracted the media attention, hungry for Motley Crue’s glam look and hard’n’heavy riffs ‘80s rock.
And so fast other more important bands in the rock top chart proposed to Save Blackjack to join playing bass and bringing fresh “Blackjack” ideas.

From 1990 to 2005 the Blackjack spirit was incorporated in some projects with other names, touring and gigging everywhere, recording several vinyl albums and tons of videos.
Just to remember a few bands: Steeplejack (rock-psycho band achieved a top position in the “most famous band in ’90 Italian Rock encyclopedia), Mean Machine, Sweet Surrender, Oxidiana.
After 15 angry years living between New York (US), London (UK), Milan (Italy), he moved back to London (UK) in 2011, and during following years joined two well-known top bands: INDYA, by Natalie Indya West and TANGO PIRATES, by Danny Fury.

The Blackjack spirit grow again, even more, working side by side with Danny Fury the famous songwriter and drummer of VAIN (toured with Motley Crue and Guns and Roses), LORD OF THE NEW CHURCH (with singer Steve Bator - R.I.P.), SHAM 69 (the historical punk band), ROGUE MALE, KILL CITY DRAGONS.
With INDYA and TANGO PIRATES the Blackjack spirit will achieve the UK/European top rock chart, gigging live on BBC radio, seeing his band’s videos on KerrangTV and MTV, dividing the stage with other famous bands in Festivals, appearing in several magazines and interviews.

And in 2019, the new life’s change, going to live also in Hong Kong (SAR - China) and London UK.
Here the band BLACKJACK got back in full the 35 years of creativity and sound, writing and playing new songs. On stage are played also the best singles from Indya and Tango Pirates.
The band is endorsed by several brands, owning an Artistic Producer in the UK, working with Promoter agencies in Hong Kong and Europe.
This new website, with coming albums, videos, songs, crazy gigs, is exactly what the band is going to do… “We Rock Hong Kong”!

>> Blackjack band is proudly endorsed by <<


(magazines, web, gigs, tours, endorsers, interviews, etc...)


2016 - 2019 Previous gigs in Europe (as INDYA and TANGO PIRATES)

Camden Rocks The Monarch – London (UK)

Halloween Special – Chelmsford (UK)

Harley Davidson Bike Show – London (UK)

Girls Wanna Rock – Amersham (UK)

Percy's Rock Cafe – Whitchurch (UK)

Metalworks The Monarch – London (UK)

Globe Theatre – London (UK)

Live session BBC radio – London (UK)

Weyfest Music Festival – Farnham (UK)

Ace Cafe – London (UK)

Hook & Gun Festival – Wakefield (UK)

Wildfire Festival – Biggar (UK)

CoreFest – Arundel (UK)

The Cotswold Inn – Cheltenham (UK)

The Black Prince - Northampton

The Pipeline – Brighton and Hove (UK)

The Hobbit – Southampton (UK)

Bedford Esquires – Bedford (UK)

The Unicorn Camden – London (UK)

Kerrang Radio Interview – London (UK)

Cart & Horses – London (UK)

Hailsham FM live – Hailsham (UK)


O2 Academy – London (UK)

Fest Camden Rocks – London (UK)

BBC Radio Kent Live– Wells (UK)

SoapGirls tour– Liverpool (UK)

KOKO Rocks – London (UK)

229 The Venue – London (UK)

Rotherham Underground - Rotherham (UK)

The Unicorn – London (UK)

Roadtrip & The Workshop – London (UK)

Kanalrock – Oslo (Finland)

Borderline – London (UK)

Underbelly Hoxton – London (UK)

Stags Head Hoxton – London (UK)

Underbelly Hoxton – London (UK)

The Fiddler's Elbow – London (UK)

The Gunners Pub and Venue – London (UK)

The Gunners Pub – London (UK)

Hope and Anchor – London (UK)

The Fiddlers Elbow – London (UK)

The UnderWorld – London (UK)

Electrowerkz – London (UK)

Hideaways Music Festival - Chelmsford (UK)


Special thanks to the Blackjack "international musician collaborations":

Anett Horváth (Leecher) - Hungary, Francesca Tosi (Mediera) - Milan Italy, Vince Nardelli (Flying Daggers) - Hong Kong,
Angel Rock (The Clan) - Milan Italy, Laudez Rose (Indya) - London UK, Pino Rizzitelli & Ronnie Alberti (C.O.D.E.) - Varese Italy,
Danny Fury (Tango Pirates) - London UK, Andy Basiola (Future Shock) - London UK, Giada Chelli (Violet Bland) - Florence Italy ...see full details here below.

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Anett Horváth (Leecher)

Anett Horváth (Leecher) - Hungary. Leecher is Symphonic / Cello Metal band from Hungary with music based on female vocals and cellos instead of guitars, accompanied by drums and orchestra.
Following its inception in 2008, years of work writing songs and developing a unique sound yielded results in 2014 when the band won HammerWorld Hungary's contest, enabling them to record and release their first studio album, followed by a music video and shows throughout the country.
Since then, they have been touring in countries such as Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and The Netherlands. In 2018 they released an EP featuring acoustic versions of five songs from their first album, and in 2019, following a tour around Hungary, they released their second album 'Deviant' which they will promote on a European tour in 2020.

Francesca Tosi
Milan, Italy

Francesca Tosi - Milan, Italy. She discovered the magical world of heavy metal at 11yo. In 2013 she started taking singing lessons from Marco Scorletti (former vocalist of “Astral Domine” where he also dueted with Fabio Lione, vocalist of “Kronomatopea” and “Maze of Heaven”). In 2015 she joined “HaddaH”, a melodic death metal band, and she recorded her first EP “Path to Nefrath”. In 2017 she joined the melodic death metal band “Krygar” but soon moved to power metal founding the band “Astral Infinity”. In 2019 she also joined “MadHour, a heavy thrash metal band with which she recorded the album “Hell Hotel”. In 2020, the debut album witha new band “Mediera”.

Giada Chelli (Violet Bland)
Florence, Italy

Giada Chelli (Violet Bland) - Florence, Italy. Violet Blend is an alternative Italian rock band from Florence, founded in 2014.
The band is made up by Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano), Daniele Cristellon (guitar), Ferruccio Baroni (bass) and Michel Agostini (drums).
The first work “Venus EP” has been published in 2014 by Pirames International (Milan).
In June 2017 the Violet Blend played at the I-Days, the most important Italian rock festival, opening the Radiohead concert. I-Days 2017 saw the participation of Linkin Park, Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, Rancid.
2017 also saw the band engaged in a dense series of concerts in Italy and England with the ‘White Mask Tour’ (around 20 dates). The band also performed in support of Finley, The Bastards Sons of Dioniso and the British band Antimatter.
Violet Blend won the Brianza Rock Festival (2017), the Stage Diving Contest (2017), the Classic Rock Italia Contest (2017) and the ET – Music Record Award in Sanremo Rock (2019)
On February 1, 2018 ‘White Mask’ was released, Florence was invaded by thousands of masks with a purple V that created havoc and sensation throughout the city, attracting the attention of citizens and many national media, from Repubblica to Radio Freccia .
On February 10, 2018 the Violet Blend presented the album “White Mask” at the Viper Theater in Florence, from here the new “Burn Your Mask Tour” tour took them all over Italy, England and Wales, for a total of 30 dates half of which in the UK.
The band is now working on the second album.

Laudez Rose (Indya)
London UK

Laudez Rose (Indya) - London UK. Indya (meaning gorgeous person) was devised by Natalie Indya West in January 2015. It is one of the top pop-rock band in UK since years, with many albums active.
Indya has gone on to gig with the likes of Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds, Space, EMF, Toploader, The Soap Girls, Dorja, Republica and many more.
The band has played Festivals such as Camden Rocks, Glastonbudget, Girls That Rock, WildFire, RavenFest, ChoreFest, Weyfest, plus lots of live sessions on BBC Radio Kent.
Indya are also regular players at METALWORKS in Camden, at Winterwonderland London, having a live interview on BBC Radio London. And more, the band has frequent plays on Kerrang!Radio, BBC, Metal Mayhem, Total Rock, Team Rock, Radio X amongst hundreds of other stations.
Several videos had spins on Rolling Stone & MTV, featured in powerplay Rock Magazine, Terrorizor Rock Magazine (with Record “Harder Faster” on the compilation Disc) Moshville Times, Daily Star, With Guitars, Planet Mosh, Devolution Rock Magazine and hundreds more.

Angel Rock (The Clan)
Milan, Italy

Angel Rock (The Clan) - Milan, Italy. “The Clan” are a band from Milan – Italy, formed in late 2013 by Angel Roccato. Their sound is a mashup of Punk Rock and traditional Celtic & Irish music. The mix of electric guitars, bagpipes, violin, banjo and flutes makes them very recognizable. Their bigger inspiration comes from bands like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly.
They have released 3 album and 1 EP . From 2014 to 2018 they played more than 250 concerts, traveling between Italy and Europe, treading important stages, becoming headliner in many festivals and supporting important artists of punk and folk scene.
We can consider The Clan a sort of ”Party band”: many times they were the first choice for “Irish parties” and ” Celtic festivals”. They always involve the audience with dancing, animations and catchy chorus, but they also have a powerful punk sound that could easily set off a pogo.
The Clan have many collaborations with big artists like: Modena City Ramblers, Punkreas, Shandon, Vallanzaska, Folkstone, The Rumjacks, The Real McKenzie, The Mahones, Andre Toselli (Aka Andrea Rock from Virgin Radio) and many others.

Andy Basiola (Future Shock)
London UK

Andy Basiola (Future Shock) - UK. Andy is an Italian guitarist currently based in London UK, where won a scholarship to study at BIMM, one of Europe’s leading music colleges, where he graduated in 2010.
He toured in Europe with a number of different bands and played some of London’s iconic venues and he has been writing and recording music with rock bands “Kill for Eden” and “Future Shock”, working with top names in the industry such as TOMMY DE CARLO (lead singer of American rockers BOSTON), Phil Kinman (Doogie White, Tank, Driven), Ade Emsley (Iron Maiden).
He joined “the Toxic Twins”: Europe’s top Aerosmith tribute band as lead guitarist and take part in the "Vivaldi Metal Project" album, a project involving musicians from all over the world including Rick Wakeman (Yes), Mark Boals, Michael Lepond (Symphony x), Atma Anur and many more.
In 2018 Andy graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Creative Music Performance from Falmouth University UK, in partnership with DIME Online.
In late 2019 Andy joined glam rock band INDYA, by Natalie Indya West, with an extensive touring schedule, playing with Save Blackjack performing all over UK.
His name was featured in several magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Powerplay, Classic Rock and radio stations such as BBC, Kerrang Radio, Eagle Radio and many more.

Pino Rizzitelli &
Ronnie Alberti (C.O.D.E.)
Varese, Italy

Pino Rizzitelli & Ronnie Alberti (C.O.D.E.) - Varese, Italy. Within the panorama of the hard'N'heavy in Italy, there are rock bands who have contributed to writing its history: C.O.D.E. is one of them.
Ronnie Alberti , singer of Love Machine and Drama and Pino Rizzitelli, founded the rock band C.O.D.E. in late 1990, becoming very fast the only one official famous Gotthard tribute band and receiving the imprimatur and the official appreciation that from Leo Leoni and the late Steve Lee (RIP).
Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, are the main moods of the originals songs by C.O.D.E. band, bringing them on several tours and festivals in Europe per years.

Danny Fury (Tango Pirates)
London UK

Danny Fury (Tango Pirates) - London UK. Tango Pirates is a Rockband, founded in London (UK) by Danny Fury (Ex Lords Of The New Church / Vain / Sham 69 / Dogs D'amour etc.) in the spring of 2011.
After recording the bands acclaimed 3rd release album "Danger! Children at play" and another line up or two, they took a break in 2017.
2018 saw them recording new songs and completing the band's line up again with Save Blackjack on Bass and Marius Noskowiak on Drums.

Last Gigs and more. Keep in contact!

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Save Blackjack - Hong Kong (SAR),

Events & Tours


Thomas Maher - London (UK), +44 7 546234567,

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